About the author: Tina Huerta has been studying everything available on the subject of faeries for over two decades. Her professors discouraged her from writing fairy tales (They couldn’t imagine that someone could write this genre in today’s world), but they quickly changed their minds when they read her first manuscript, Amanda. They had to agree, Tina’s natural voice was that of the traditional fairy tale storyteller. She currently lives in the high dessert of Tucson, Arizona; but she grew up running up and down nature trails not far from her backyard in northern Virginia.

About the illustrator: Mitch Jacobs also illustrates comic books. Mitch began illustrating Amanda while working towards graduating from the University of Arizona in Fine Arts. Mitch dedicated his mind to understanding the world of faeries so that several types of faeries would be represented within each book appropriately. He still works and lives in Tucson, Arizona.