Make your own tree to create a forest.

Place each child down on 36” wide butcher paper, feet together and arms spread up and over their heads (to represent tree limbs).

Trace the outside of each child with a darker brown.

Cut outlined figure out. (Long hard process, but well worth it!)

A smaller version of this is to use the outline of a your arm (the tree trunk) with your fingers spread (the tree limbs) on construction paper.

You can add detail to your tree trunk and branches with texture by drawing irregular vertical lines for bark.

Here are some typical tree leaf shapes to cut out of either felt or construction paper to glue to the tree.






Watch a fairy tale film. You will find many in the Resource Link.

Fill your room with fairy tale books and biography books on other fairy tale authors. You will find many in the Resource Link. After you read each book, tell someone all about what you read – they may want to read it too after what you tell them about the book.

Draw and color your favorite item from Amanda, and then show your drawing to your family, friends or classmates. If needed, there are coloring pages at the Coloring Link. These can then be cut and glued to popsicle sticks to be made into puppets for a spontaneous play. Afterwards, the puppets and your friends’ puppets can be glued to a poster board as a community display, or keep them in a labeled box to put on another play when you feel inspired!


Go outside, sketch a tree, plant or animal, and then show your drawing to your family, friends or classmates.

Here is a worksheet for unscrambling sentences to exercise your language skills.

You will need the program WORD to download the file. Just click on the file that is underlined. A box will open up on your computer screen, then click 'save.' Make sure you save the file where you can find it. On your desktop is a good place.. Then you can open it and print it whenever you wish. If you accidentally change the file, delete it, empty the trash and then download the file again.


What is Amanda saying.docx What is Amanda saying.docx
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Snack ideas:


                  Berry dessert, this can be a mix of different kinds of berries!

                  Locally grown produce selection with a map of where they are grown.

                  Including local honey is always a great addition for many snacks.