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is for every child who is sometimes sad.

Written by Tina Huerta and illustrated by Mitch Jacobs for ages 7-10. Amanda, is 62 pages with many fully illustrated pages; including faerie depictions, some lively animal interaction, and a positive reaffirming life lesson.

This is a fairy tale created in the traditional art we have all come to love.

Neither Amanda’s family nor any other villagers of Lataba, except for the animals, have ever really understood Amanda. Whenever she talks, words just seem to come out all wrong. Life just muddles along until one day, when Amanda becomes inexplicably sad. So sad, in fact, that life all around Amanda starts to deteriorate.

What is a village to do? Do they even know there is a connection between Amanda and what is happening in and around their otherwise happy village? Stephen, a traveler, thinks he can help, but can he? Are the animals the only creatures in the forest listening to Amanda? There are so many questions, but only one simple answer to this mystery. Who holds the answer?

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