You will need the program WORD to download each puzzle! Just click on the file that is underlined. A box will open up on your computer screen, then click 'save.' Make sure you save the puzzle where you can find it. On your desktop is a good place.. Then you can open the puzzle and print it whenever you wish. If you accidentally change it, delete the file, empty the trash and then download the fileagain.

There is one puzzle for each chapter. You can use the book to help you along. Good luck! Oh, and there's a picture with every puzzle that you can color, or just be creative with it!


Chapter 1 - About Amanda

CWP About Amanda.docx CWP About Amanda.docx
Size : 152.258 Kb
Type : docx

Chapter 2 - A Storm Brews

CWP A Storm Brews.docx CWP A Storm Brews.docx
Size : 230.397 Kb
Type : docx

Chapter 3 - Amanda Helps Out

CWP Amanda Helps Out.docx CWP Amanda Helps Out.docx
Size : 201.64 Kb
Type : docx

Chapter 4 - Stephen

CWP Stephen.docx CWP Stephen.docx
Size : 293.801 Kb
Type : docx

Chapter 5 - By The Stream

CWP By The Stream.docx CWP By The Stream.docx
Size : 135.433 Kb
Type : docx

Chapter 6 - Turning Point

CWP Turning Point.docx CWP Turning Point.docx
Size : 190.33 Kb
Type : docx

Chapter 7 - Amanda's Discovery

CWP Amandas Discovery.docx CWP Amandas Discovery.docx
Size : 104.093 Kb
Type : docx